About Mediglyphics

Mediglyphics web site was created as a rebelious effort striving to put an end to the inhumane treatment of medical, dental, and nursing students. We believe that conventional methods of teaching memory-intensive subjects such as pharmacology are inhumanely painful and result in unacceptably poor long-term retention.

Visual memory is the best-developed form of memory in humans. We exploit this fact to present information in an intuitively visual and humorous format. This minimizes learning effort while maximizing retention.

Our images are unique in that every drug, bacteria, or symptom is visually portrayed as an object or character whose name bears a high degree of resemblance to the item that has to be memorized. The resulting character interacts with relevant side effects, symptoms, and any other relevant information. We use any means available, including computer-assisted pattern matching to establish the best associations and mnemonics.

The website is continuously updated and anyone can submit drawings or suggest changes. Membership to mediglyphics is free for those who contribute. Major contributors will also receive a fair share of any profits. Paid subscriptions are available for those who cannot contribute.

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