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Visual Mnemonic - Barbiturate: Phenobarbital

Phenobarbital [Fan Barbi Tall]

  • Barbiturate: acts on the barbiturate GABA receptor [Barbi & a bag (GABA backwards = "a bag")]
  • Used as an anesthetic during surgeries [Scalpel] and to induce sleep ["ZZZ" coming from the fan]
  • No analgesic action and may even increase sensation of pain ["Ouch"]
  • Used as antiepileptic agent [Thrashing of limbs]
  • Can be used in pregnant women [Fetus]
  • 2 day duration [2 suns]
  • Contraindicated in:
    • porphyria patients ["Not for kids with pores"]
    • Asthma patients ["Choking Hazard"]
  • Metabolized by the liver, inducing P-450 [Vicious liver]

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